Your extra hour

Did you remember to set you clocks back an hour (assuming that your government recognizes the daylight savings scheme)? Twice a year TT and I are reminded of just how many clocks we own. Most of these clocks do not set themselves so we end up making a list of clocks to set and check them off one by one. There’s the microwave, the coffee maker, the kitchen wall clock, the clocks in the vehicles and — would you believe it? — the home theater remote control. Fortunately more and more appliances are either aware of DST or have some kind of net connection that periodically updates time: the ReplayTV (think TiVo), the computers and the cell phones. The phones have to be turned off and then on again to acquire the current time.

Autumn is perfect for this activity since we get an extra hour to set the clocks back. Springtime is a rip-off because we lose and hour and yet still have to mess with all of the clocks.

Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care … about time?

One thought on “Your extra hour

  1. Hang on…

    I think it’s about 9pm. But I may be wrong. I’ve got it written down here somewhere…

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