Troy Patterson at Slate watched one episode of “Battlestar Galactica” and declared that the show was “Humans vs. Robots, Round 15” and that it was too dark. That’s like saying “Lost” is about a plane crash. I’ve never watched “Lost,” so maybe that should be my review of that show. I’ll have my agent call Slate. (Honestly, I’m a bit surprised since Slate generally does a better job.)

Look, BSG is not perfect. (Even this fanboy can admit as much.) But I’ve actually watched the episodes (many times over) so on the rare occasion I level a criticism, at least I can do so with hindsight and knowledge. Seems to me Slate could have hired someone with some BSG experience or perhaps rented the first two seasons on DVD so that their reviewer could grab a fistful of clue. BSG — like other multi-threaded programs such as “Lost,” “24,” and classics such as “Babylon 5” — require an investment in time to be fully appreciated. Slate’s reviewer didn’t even try.

I’ve never met the man but I’ve read one of his reviews so I can tell you with as much surety as he has on the subject of “Battlestar Galactica” that Mr. Patterson is a frakking tool.

Nuance much? Not me. Don’t disrespect the Galactica.

Update: Blast! I can’t keep up with my RSS reader. Slate completely redeems itself with this interesting breakdown of the first and second — spoiler warning — episodes as they relate to a certain current war. Spencer Ackerman has watched the program and, while don’t completely agree with his opinion, I can at least see how he arrived at one.