Sans Pants ’08

No Pants Day

Just a reminder to all of you who work in crowded office buildings, or grocery stores, or churches, or preschools: Tomorrow (May 2nd) is No Pants Day. In honor of the occasion I’m gonna wear pants… for a change.

See the official No Pants Day website for more details. Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Translation for the folks across the pond: trousers. Don’t get yer knickers in a bind.

4 thoughts on “Sans Pants ’08

  1. Did you participate at home? 🙂
    Why do girls always have to have teensy tiny panties and boys get to wear “shorts” that are supposed to be underwear?

  2. Yes, I wore pants at home that day. Oh, the chafing.

    Girls can wear whatever they want to on no pants day except for pants, of course. Personally, I appreciate a woman who isn’t afraid to wear her man’s boxer shorts. That was TMI, wasn’t it?

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