Absolutely Maybe. And We Mean it This Time!

The Senate has passed yet another bill delaying the adoption of broadcast DTV. This one would make the switch “voluntary and television stations could go ahead if they wished with digital transmission on February 17 as scheduled and drop analog transmission.” (source)

Yeah… if you could just go ahead and put the new cover sheets on your TPS DTV reports, that would be great. Thanks!

The delay is being urged because apparently millions of Americans are not ready or have not managed to get their hands on the $40 coupon for that craptacular DTV-to-analog TV converter. Never mind that this change has been announced, delayed, announced again, and delayed again. I predict that few of those same millions will be ready for the transition in June no matter how many times this thing is pushed out.

The analogy isn’t perfect but, given that our government is so keen to treat us like children in other respects, it’s hard not to compare this to a parent telling a child, “Your room had better be cleaned up by supper or I’m going to count to 10 and then to 20… if that’s okay with you. Here, let me just pick this up for you.”

I should think the best incentive for people to get their poop together would be missing an episode or two of “So You Think You Can Survive America’s Top Idol Deal or No Millionaire?” Tough love, I know.


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