The Paws That Refreshes

Pees with the fishes

Natalie: “Daddy. I simply must have a Litterfish.”
Me: “What in Zeus’ kitchen is a Litterfish?”
Natalie: “Daddy. A Litterfish is a litter box shaped like a fish. I must have one.”
Me: “I don’t think–”
Natalie: “Daddy. I simply must have one. I must have one now. Buy it for me, won’t you?”
Me: “It seems rather expensive and extravigant for a litter box.”
Natalie: “Daddy. I really want a Litterfish. Other cats will be getting theirs at a reduced price for a limited time. I must have a Litterfish for my own.”
Me: “Honey, it’s just a bit of molded plastic. How is it functionally different–?”
Natalie: “Daddy! Litterfish.”
Me: “…but it’s…”
Natalie: “Daddy. Litterfish now! Order one!!”
Me: “Go ask your mom.”
Natalie: “Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Dad. Daddy. Daddy. Dad…”
Me: “You know I hate when you do that, right?”
Natalie: “Daddy. Dad. Daddy. Litterfish, daddy. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Daddy…”
Me: (sigh) “Go get my wallet.”
Natalie: “In glossy black.”
Me: “Whatever.”