I see Movies: Vantage Point (2008)

If you’re familiar with the Japanese story and film called Rashomon, (and I suppose to some extent, the TV series 24), then you’ll find quite a lot to like in Vantage Point. It’s one part point-of-view experiment and one part traditional thriller.  If you’re not into all that egg-head “perspective and perception of the human condition” stuff, there’s a freakishly cool car chase. So, you know, fun for everyone in my family.

Allen gives it three out of four tubs of “surgical soft” popcorn-like product.


three hundred

I just finished watching 300, the movie about Spartans that probably never existed in actual history. I have to say, while I found the film to contain some of the most rich and idealized photography, it was also the silliest cool thing I’ve ever seen.

Make no mistake… it was decidedly cool. …and also silly.