Must See TV

The New Fall TV Season is almost upon us and the networks stand to unleash some number of new shows greater than 2 and less than 50 Bazillion (all statistics are approximate.) With so many choices (isn’t capitalism grand?), how on earth can a person be expected to sort through the list? One way to succeed is to simply record everything.

Zack Price at the SnapStream Blog provides some of his show picks from the lineup along with pointers to Percy Bell’s advice on how to build (among other things) a $4000 Godzilla PVR with 11 (four HDTV and seven analog) tuners so that you will never miss a show again. …EVAR. I like the way these guys think.

Once you’ve paid for and built your machine, you’ll need to quit your job and neglect your family in order to watch the programs you’ve accumulated. Some endeavors require sacrifice.

Honestly, I hadn’t seen any of his work until well after I had built my own PVR. It would seem I accidentally made some very good choices. I’ll probably add a second HDTV tuner in the next month to deal with football/drama conflicts.